I'M BADDY teamed up with Eco Glitter Fun

Hi Rebels,

We are hosting a giveaway in collaboration with Eco Glitter Fun — the exciting brand for guilt-free sparkles. 

Eco Glitter Fun was founded 2016 by the two creative party animals Sophie Awdry and Noemi Lamanna, whose mission is to bring responsible sparkles and plastic pollution awareness to the world.

Eco Glitter Fun

As we all know, a life without glitter is like a broken pencil - possible, but pointless.

You can get your daily dose of biodegradable glitter in plastic free packaging here.

Giveaway: How to enter

Wait no more - enter our instagram competition and get ready for Christmas!

Just follow the link here.

Eco Glitter fun x I'M BADDY competition

The prizes

  1. I’M BADDY “cui bono” leggings - “Cui Bono stands for the ultimate question when you are dealing with the written and unwritten rules of the art world. Cui Bono—Who benefits? There is nothing more to say . . . ”

  2. I’M BADDY tote bag

  3. Eco Glitter Fun’s metallic boxed glitter kit

Cui Bono Leggings


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