The Story Behind I'M BADDY

I‘M BADDY is a fresh, up-and-coming fashion and lifestyle brand that is totally dedicated to the contemporary art world. Each individual piece tells a story about the art world, art market and postmodernism. This is our story.

How it all started

Vienna, 2008. At the Museum of Modern Art, a panel discussion with the sound title ‘Making the Right People Angry’ with superstar artist and so-called ‘bad boy of the New York art scene’ John Currin is at its peak. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the Viennese performance artist and international prankster BADDY DOLLY JANE enters the scene. With the words ‘Hey, John, why don’t you put your balls on the table’? she’s crashing the event, armed with a cucumber. … 

I'M BADDY London

This legendary moment was the first appearance of the enfant terrible and the start of a series of subversive performances that turned the art world upside down.

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Baddy Dolly Jane's performances

Arresting one of the most celebrated opinion leaders at Tate Modern for stealing her time or taking over the stage during a pseudo-anarchistic play in a world-famous theatre: Baddy Dolly Jane is a myth that stands for scandals and rumours.

Cui Bono Hoodie

Through the years, Baddy Dolly Jane has managed to become one of the world’s most subversive artists while remaining relatively anonymous. Staying true to the credo of radical antagonism, Baddy has built a celebrated body of work that utilises satire, guerrilla strategies, and her cute, aggressive appearance to create resonant messages for the masses.

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How Baddy inspired us

Baddy’s activism made us change the way we see the world of art and our environment. Ever since, we became an anonymous Europe-based creative collective with a background in art, tech and design following Baddy’s journey, carrying out subversive actions and projects.

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2018: Establishing I'M BADDY

In 2018, our designers created the fashion and lifestyle brand I’m Baddy to share our vision and celebrate our baddyistic lifestyle with you. Our products are designed for people who enjoy (or hate) pop culture and street art, and love to wear high-quality statement pieces.

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Fashion for People like us

I’M BADDY is for strong, self-confident individuals who challenge their environment and aren’t afraid of striving against the stream.

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Our products are designed in London. We produce them with the utmost attention to detail and quality (95% of them are made in the EU/UK/US). 

A Little Rebellion Now and Then is a Good Thing ...

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